Friday, September 21, 2012

Kindles and Cornstalks and Kindness, OH MY!

Our Grand Re-Opening Party is Tomorrow! Everything is in place, including the very  kind donations from Fairfield businesses towards our raffle tomorrow. They have donated numerous gift cards, flowers, and cornstalks, but best of all they donated Kindles!

All the gift cards are all bundled up and ready to be raffled off!

Gorgeous flowers donated by Caldwell Flowerland

You could win a Kindle at our raffle tomorrow!
As a little town library, I am very proud of the town of Fairfield for their ability to have such a great community spirit. Everyone from the Mayor, to the business owners to the librarians have rolled up their sleeves to work through this renovation in order to create a truly welcoming library where all patrons can find the information they need.

People here love their jobs so much they take their own cars out and get them filthy in the name of Library Love.

 Believe it or not, several staff members volunteered to pick up hay, corn stalks and mums. And then, as if they were not awesome enough, one came on his day off to vacuum out the cars that were left full of strands of hay. Now that is what I call great teamwork!
Mr. Library Page went above his call of literary duty by hauling all the hay, and corn stalks to the patio with a smile on his face. I think I might have even heard him singing the tune, "Oh what a beautiful morning."
Well, tomorrow is our big day and I am off to read some bed time stories before I shut the pages of my eyelashes and go to sleep. See you all tomorrow! 10 AM Sharp!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reading in the Garden

It is a beautiful day to read outside! The sun is shining softly, the last few butterflies of summer lingering around the plants makes one almost wish to be a butterfly.

 Geese soar over the library on their way south for winter. It seems as if today is one of the remaining beautiful days where no sweater will be needed. Here, at the Fairfield Library, the houseplants thought just the same thing. They watched the geese fly, butterflies twirl around the window, and they sighed wistfully wanting to go out and do what they like doing best: reading in the garden. The house plants turned off their computer, snagged a newspaper, and headed to the warm patio. They settled themselves comfortably on the patio steps to soak in some Vitamin D, that is given from the sun and absorbed through the skin, and to catch up on the NY Times.

They are library houseplants and quite fond of reading outdoors.

All of the other patio plants skipped into the library and picked out some books to read outside.

The pink ladies are reading a book called "Truly Tiny Gardens." These little pink flowers think their petals can handle planting a truly tiny garden.

The Queen Mums are reading "Meet Samantha," a book about a prim and proper little girl during 1904 who knew her manners very well. It is National Children's Good Manners Month after all.

So, if you are wondering what to do with this gorgeous day that is too chilly for the shore, stop by the Fairfield Library, pick up a book and nestle yourself comfortably outdoors to read.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stuffed Animal Sleep Over

Last night, there was an adventure in the library. It all started at 6:30 PM when the little kids came trooping in with their stuffed animals. They tip-toed in the Children's Library, sat in a circle and listened to the librarian tell bed-time stories for their stuffed animals. Then, one by one, they made a little bed and tucked their stuffed animals in bed nice and warm to spend the night in the library.

Good night! Sleep tight!

However, the stuffed animals had other things in mind than sleeping! As the librarians locked the library and left for the evening, the books started jumping, and out of a book hopped Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too! They started dancing up and down the isles of the library. The stuffed animals couldn't sleep so they joined in the fun. They climbed the stairs and crawled out of a window. Dancing on the roof they laughed and laughed. Then, they looked at the stars.

What beautiful stars!

After a while some stuffed animals got tired and went back to the library to sleep, but got lost in the encyclopedia full of big words that twirled around them.

Don't let them fool you. These guys open their pages and bring you to confusing and mesmerizing places.

The place was a mess by the time the librarians came to open the library this morning. But librarians are funny people who know magic words, they whispered it to the stuffed animals and to Winnie the Pooh and they all went obediently back in place.

All puckered out

What a night!

Fairfield Public Library has a blog!

It's been a few weeks since the contractors moved out. As a library, I felt a bit empty without books on my shelves, kids in the children's library and the chiming sound of books getting checked out. Just when I was starting to wonder I was going to be left renovated and empty I heard the sound of a huge truck outside, and the happy voices from all the books coming back to see me! Sure enough 8,000 books chattering with happiness lined up on the sidewalk and one by one got back on the shelves dancing like magic!

Now, three weeks later, I am ready to celebrate my makeover, the fabulous new look I got, and am throwing a party to celebrate! You are all cordially invited to come party at the library. Mark your calendar, ipod, outlook, or just write it on your hand. Ready? Ok, it will be September 22, 2012 from 10 A.M. - 2 P.M.

Take notes!

There will be a raffle! Yes, a raffle! In order to win anything you must bring in your library card, that will be your raffle number, and good luck. The librarians, and lovely business owners of Fairfield have come up with some great prizes like: Kindles, restaurant, manicure and gym gift certificates.

Win a Kindle Keyboard at the raffle!

Fancy! Read newspapers, download free books and take your Kindle anywhere in the world.

We are also having a face painter and balloon maker that for sure will make the kids smile.

Come bring your kids, or the kid within you, to enjoy face painting
  I can't wait for the party and will be counting down the days.