Friday, September 14, 2012

Reading in the Garden

It is a beautiful day to read outside! The sun is shining softly, the last few butterflies of summer lingering around the plants makes one almost wish to be a butterfly.

 Geese soar over the library on their way south for winter. It seems as if today is one of the remaining beautiful days where no sweater will be needed. Here, at the Fairfield Library, the houseplants thought just the same thing. They watched the geese fly, butterflies twirl around the window, and they sighed wistfully wanting to go out and do what they like doing best: reading in the garden. The house plants turned off their computer, snagged a newspaper, and headed to the warm patio. They settled themselves comfortably on the patio steps to soak in some Vitamin D, that is given from the sun and absorbed through the skin, and to catch up on the NY Times.

They are library houseplants and quite fond of reading outdoors.

All of the other patio plants skipped into the library and picked out some books to read outside.

The pink ladies are reading a book called "Truly Tiny Gardens." These little pink flowers think their petals can handle planting a truly tiny garden.

The Queen Mums are reading "Meet Samantha," a book about a prim and proper little girl during 1904 who knew her manners very well. It is National Children's Good Manners Month after all.

So, if you are wondering what to do with this gorgeous day that is too chilly for the shore, stop by the Fairfield Library, pick up a book and nestle yourself comfortably outdoors to read.

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