Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stuffed Animal Sleep Over

Last night, there was an adventure in the library. It all started at 6:30 PM when the little kids came trooping in with their stuffed animals. They tip-toed in the Children's Library, sat in a circle and listened to the librarian tell bed-time stories for their stuffed animals. Then, one by one, they made a little bed and tucked their stuffed animals in bed nice and warm to spend the night in the library.

Good night! Sleep tight!

However, the stuffed animals had other things in mind than sleeping! As the librarians locked the library and left for the evening, the books started jumping, and out of a book hopped Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too! They started dancing up and down the isles of the library. The stuffed animals couldn't sleep so they joined in the fun. They climbed the stairs and crawled out of a window. Dancing on the roof they laughed and laughed. Then, they looked at the stars.

What beautiful stars!

After a while some stuffed animals got tired and went back to the library to sleep, but got lost in the encyclopedia full of big words that twirled around them.

Don't let them fool you. These guys open their pages and bring you to confusing and mesmerizing places.

The place was a mess by the time the librarians came to open the library this morning. But librarians are funny people who know magic words, they whispered it to the stuffed animals and to Winnie the Pooh and they all went obediently back in place.

All puckered out

What a night!

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