Monday, October 15, 2012

E-mail for Seniors

Last Friday our Librarian had the joy of holding the first of a series of Internet classes geared towards seniors and it went great. Approaching technology can be as confusing as learning a foreign language. Those who are left without knowledge of email or computer use sometimes feel isolated. Knowledge of computers (computer literacy) is no longer a luxury for a select few but a necessity for most people.

E-mail, Skype and Facebook help keep seniors connected to friends and family
Computer literacy is an important facet of modern life and especially valuable for seniors. Having an email account has numerous benefits for seniors. It:
  • Helps them bridge the distance between relatives, understanding how to send an email
  • Use email to send and receive important forms and documents
  • Enriches their lives as it is a powerful tool of communication.
  • Find former classmates through social media
  • Empowers seniors to use technology to keep active with interests, use it to look for practical information, and is useful as mental exercise

This class was the fist attempt to teach a technology class so the limit of senior students was four, that way the Librarian could spend adequate time instructing and overseeing each individual. Over thirty seniors called to make a reservation for the course and were placed on a waiting list! Can you believe it? I wish we could have had them all come, but space and staff were limited for the course.

Focusing on each student is important to the Library!
We had a total of five very sharp students come. Each opened an email account, sent an email to a buddy from the class, received an email and learned to sign in and out successfully. We eagerly plan on scheduling regular computer classes for our wonderful seniors in the future.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids Helping Kids

Fairfield has a really great group of children and young adults. Do you know why? Well...

Once Upon A Time,

There were a few little children who didn't feel so well. One had her tummy ache, another had a pain on his foot, one other little girl had terrible headaches: and all their very worried parents took them to the Children's Hospital.

 The doctors shook their head and said, "We are very sorry but you will have to stay the night." Off went the lights at night and the rooms were dark and not at all like home. All three little kids whispered to the wind, "I miss my friends."....That whisper traveled over the tree tops and down paths.

Can you see the whisper traveling down this path? I think I can.
It finally reached the sweet town of Fairfield and good little library patrons heard, "I miss my friends." They knew just what to do! The little girls came to the library in groups of eight, the young adults girls from CCD at St. Thomas Moore came two by two. The group of 16 girls sat with the librarian and they decided to cheer up their friends at the Children's Hospital by making them colorful and beautiful fleece blankets!

Little kid on the left and big kid on the right.
Off to work they went: the big girls cut strips and the little girls made bows with the strips.

Make strips and tie in bows.
The big kids helped the little kids, and all were seated down a row merrily making blankets.

The production line of Kids Helping Kids

Before you could say "pumpkin pie" ten times they were all done, folded neatly in a heap and ready to make their way to their friends at the Children's Hospital.

These will certainly brighten up the rooms of our friends!
A few little kids at the Hospital are waiting in anticipation to receive the warm colorful blankets made by the thoughtful and kind children of Fairfield.

I'm so proud to have such giving young patrons come under my roof and give of their creativity and give beauty to the world, one bow at a time.

The End

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Plans for a Rainy October

October is one of my favorite months. Not only do the leaves turn amazing colors, the weather begin to be a bit chilly, and hot chocolate come back in style, but it is the perfect season to begin reading avidly and make trips to the library a regular occurrence!

Come check out that book you have always wanted to read!

This month, the library is bustling with activity! Here is a quick rundown of what we have going on:

1. October 10th (tonight): Salvatore Chiarella, an Italian tenor, is coming to sing at our library tonight. He will sing traditional Italian songs to celebrate October being Italian Heritage Month. Give us a call to reserve a seat! It isn't too late to come hear "O Sole Mio" and go home with a smile.

Salvatore Chiarella, Italian tenor

2. Kids Helping Kids: What is better than cute little guys and gals putting together "get well" blankets for kids at Goryeb Children's Hospital. Bring your child by for our Blanket Bee, on October 11th at 4:30 PM. All blankets made will be donated to the Children's Hospital.

Fleece blankets made by kids for the patients at Goryeb Children's Hospital

3. Pumpkin Carving competition: Bring out the competitor in your family! We are hosting the first annual Pumpkin Competition. All you need to do is bring in your carved pumpkin between Oct. 24th - 27th. First, second and third place winners will win Bragging Rights as we show off the winners on Facebook and this lovely blog on October 29th. Pumpkin fame could be just a couple of carves away. One pumpkin submission per family. 

When in doubt...

4.  Stuffed Animal Sleepover: Back by popular demand! Do you know a little child who has a favorite toy? All children from toddlers to 3rd grade are invited to come Oct. 24th at 6:30 PM for our famous stuffed animal sleepover. Join us in reading some very cool bedtime stories and tucking the stuffed animals into bed. Your stuffed animals love libraries and while they stay the night they get into all sorts of mischief! Pick them up the next day and find out what adventures happened during their night in the library!
Winnie the Pooh is ready for the Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Days at the Library

The Grand Re-Opening Party was a huge success. Over 400 people came to the library: face painters painted, the DJ played that song, Mad Science turned our little kids into awed science spectators, and everyone was happy.

The Anthony Pio Costa Memorial Library and Fairfield Free Public Library

Gift bags ready for the patrons

Robin Pio Costa-Lahue, daughter of the Library's namesake and her two beautiful granddaughters
I was very grateful for all of the local businesses who donated gift cards for us to raffle at the event! There were also several who donated decorations:

A big thank you to:

1. Marra's Deli and Pizzeria. Not only do they have delicious pizza specials, but they also have great subs and sandwiches.

2. Salon JL: the perfect place to get pretty in Fairfield.

3. Plaza Nails: Need a manicure or pedicure? Look no further for your cure than Plaza Nails.

4. Fairfield Tavern: The friendly staff and great owner are just as impressive as their delectable Chicken Parmigiana

5. Get Fit Gym: This beautiful modern gym will have you happily kicking some serious cardio and burning off those calories from the chicken parm and pizza.

6. Corrado's Grocery: That chilly fall wind will hit you as you come out of Get Fit Gym. Head a block down to Corrado's to pick up some of the best cheese in town. My favorite is their deli ricotta. Molto buono con pasta corta e suggetto! Mamma mia! (Super tasty with short pasta (try penne) and tomato basil sauce. Add a generous slice of their ricotta with a drizzle of good olive oil on top. Mamma mia!)

7. Caldwell Flowers: Looking for a special out of the ordinary flower arrangement? Caldwell Flowers has experts at creating unique arrangements that will leave you blooming with delight.

8. Rock 'n' Joe Restaurant: This trendy coffeehouse and restaurant is a great place to nosh on a yummy burger and listen to some legendary rock.

9. Donor of two Kindles Somewhere along the well paved streets of Fairfield, there is one very special Fairfielder who makes magic happen. For the Grand Opening he wanted to do something nice. He looked left, he looked right, looked up to the star lit sky. The stars twinkled, the Milky Way swooned and then they danced into a constellation spelling, "Get two Kindles." The next day the very happy librarians found the Kindles wrapped and ready for the grand opening party.