Monday, October 15, 2012

E-mail for Seniors

Last Friday our Librarian had the joy of holding the first of a series of Internet classes geared towards seniors and it went great. Approaching technology can be as confusing as learning a foreign language. Those who are left without knowledge of email or computer use sometimes feel isolated. Knowledge of computers (computer literacy) is no longer a luxury for a select few but a necessity for most people.

E-mail, Skype and Facebook help keep seniors connected to friends and family
Computer literacy is an important facet of modern life and especially valuable for seniors. Having an email account has numerous benefits for seniors. It:
  • Helps them bridge the distance between relatives, understanding how to send an email
  • Use email to send and receive important forms and documents
  • Enriches their lives as it is a powerful tool of communication.
  • Find former classmates through social media
  • Empowers seniors to use technology to keep active with interests, use it to look for practical information, and is useful as mental exercise

This class was the fist attempt to teach a technology class so the limit of senior students was four, that way the Librarian could spend adequate time instructing and overseeing each individual. Over thirty seniors called to make a reservation for the course and were placed on a waiting list! Can you believe it? I wish we could have had them all come, but space and staff were limited for the course.

Focusing on each student is important to the Library!
We had a total of five very sharp students come. Each opened an email account, sent an email to a buddy from the class, received an email and learned to sign in and out successfully. We eagerly plan on scheduling regular computer classes for our wonderful seniors in the future.

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