Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday at the Library!

The weather is a wintry slush: rain and snow. The turkey has been divided with leftovers very properly frozen. Red and green twinkle on the doors of homes, sparkle in the malls and promise lots of cheer.

I, the Fairfield Library love to give cheer. No, really love to give cheer, that is what Free Public Libraries are all about! For example: Libraries love lending books for free (Any kind of book! If I don't have it you can request it!), the library has quiet nooks to read, even hot coffee and chocolate at the Fairfield Library.

This Library is one happy giver of books to patrons and more, much more. As a Library, my community is my patron, inspiration and friend. I love to host community initiatives and let me tell you of one that just tickles me today: Giving Tuesday. Have you heard of it? Well, let me tell you it is great! Black Friday is all about getting the best parking spot in front of the stores to load up on goodies, Cyber Monday is all about who can click the fastest to snag an online deal. But, Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to help others.

 Here are five ways you can give today at the Library, pick your favorite and go for it:

1. Donate children's books in new condition to the library. We will take care of packaging them for school libraries affected by Hurricane Sandy and public libraries that were damaged.

2. Donate your time! Stop by the library to see how you can help us as a volunteer for upcoming events.

3. Toys for Tots: the Marine Corps might look tough but they are sure softies when it comes to kids and Christmas. Stop by the Library with a new unwrapped toy for a boy or girl and drop it off in our Toys for Tots box. The Marines will come by to pick them up on December 10th and will distribute the toys to local families in need.

4. Give a monetary donation. We have finished 99% of our renovation but need funds to finish the project at it's best. Good lighting for reading, patio furniture and magazine racks all come at a pretty hefty price!

5. Donate any of the following that the library needs: New laptop to use for our projector so we can show movies and have presentations, new computers for the children's library (I like this one that promotes early literacy), a computer that is specifically for Senior's (Click to see this one that we need).

The options for giving are endless; if there is something you would like to donate, just call and ask if we could use it. Our number is (973) 227-3575 or send us an email at ffpl@ffpl.org.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Poetry Reading

Have you ever been to a poetry reading? Yes? No? Well it might be your new thing! How about coming to ours! You are cordially invited to a poetry reading on November 15th at 6:30 PM. We will be hosting five award winning poets. Come enjoy the wintry evening, drink some hot chocolate and go home inspired to write up some of your own lyrical verses.

These will be our featured poets:

Mary Brancaccio’s poetry has been published in Naugatuck River Review, Lake Shore Affect, Chantarelle’s Notebook, Chest and Adanna, among others. Her work has also been published in Japan in an anthology of international poets responding to the Fukushima disaster. She taught English in Maplewood, NJ where she directed the creative writing program and advised Columbia High School’s literary magazine. She is an Assistant Professor in the MAT program Drew University where she is also completing an MFA in Poetry.

Lynne McEniry is a poet published in Adanna, 5 A.M., The Stillwater Review, and The Paterson Literary Review. She won Honorable Mention in the 2011 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards and collaborates to organize readings and workshops, including those in conversation with visual arts.  She is a guest editor for literary journals, including OVS Journal (ovsmag.com) and Adanna (http://adannajournal.blogspot.com/). Lynne earned her MFA in Poetry from Drew University. She works at the College of Saint Elizabeth.  www.lynnemceniry.com

Yesenia Montilla is a New York City poet with Cuban and Dominican roots. She is one of the co-founders of Poets for Ayiti. a collective of poets from diverse backgrounds committed to the power of poetry to transform and educate. Her poetry has appeared in the chapbook For The Crowns Of Your Head, and in 5 AM and Adanna literary journals.She was a semifinalist in the 2012 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award competition. Yesenia earned her MFA in Poetry and Poetry in Translation from Drew University. She lives in Harlem.

Lisa Sisler is the editor of Knocking at the Door: Approaching the Other, a poetry anthology from Birch Bench Press, an imprint of Write Bloody Books, an editor of the poetry and art journal, OVS, and an editor at Trio House Press. Her poetry has appeared in places such as Contemporary American Voices, Connotation Press, Word Disorder, and Eunoia Review. She teaches Writing at Kean University and at Seton Hall University in New Jersey where she resides with her fiancé and their cat army.

Christine Redman-Waldeyer founded Adanna Literary Journal. An Assistant Professor at Passaic County Community College, she earned her D.Litt with a Concentration in Writing, Drew University. Her book publications include Frame by Frame, Gravel, and Eve Asks with Muse Pie Press. She is published in Caduceus, Lips, Motif Magazine, Paterson Literary Review, Seventh Quarry, among others. In 2011 she was selected to participate in the Poetry Project founded by Dr. Mary Ann Miller at Caldwell College. She is currently pursuing an Ed.D. with a focus on Higher Education at Rowan University.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Pink October Gift

The ladies of Fairfield love coming to the Fairfield Library on Craft Day when they sit together, chat and make something nice for their home. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month where the color pink is to bring awareness of: prevention of breast cancer, early detection and treatment. The majority of patients are women however men are also victims of this terrible disease. In 2012 there have been 2,140 men who were diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 died as a result.

Back to the bracelets. For the month of October our crafters decided to make some beautiful pink bracelets for breast cancer patients at St. Barnabas Hospital.

A basket full of bracelets from our creative crafters

Isn't it lovely?
  Knowledge is power, health is for life. The following is information from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation:

1. Know your risk
  • Talk to your family to learn about your family health history
2. Get screened
  • Ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you if you are at a higher risk
  • Have a mammogram every year starting at age 40 if you are at average risk
  • Have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years starting at age 20, and every year starting at age 40
  • Sign up for your screening reminder at www.komen.org/reminder 
3. Know what is normal for you
See your health care provider if you notice any breast changes.

4. Make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Add exercise into your routine
  • Limit alcohol intake

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zero to Hero, By Julia Z. 4th grade – Runner Up Winner

Zero to Hero
By Julia Z. 4th grade – Runner Up Winner
Once upon a time, there lived a king. His wife died and he married a new queen. Her hair was black as a raven, and the king called her the Raven Queen. But she preferred to the Snow Queen. Little did the king know that the new queen was full of evil powers. Years passed, and the king passed away of old age. The Snow Queen made the kingdom turn black and full of sadness. Not a single blossom bloomed. The Snow Queen did not know that soon a mean girl from the 20th century would come and save the kingdom.
Whoosh! Claire hurried to brush her teeth and went to her closet to wear her Halloween costume, a giant, hoopskirt lined with golden diamonds. Just as Claire was about to leave, she saw avery peculiar creature standing at the doorway. “Who are you?” she asked quite roughly. The creature did not answer. Instead, it leaped onto Claire’s valuable hoopskirt. “Arrrgh!” she screamed. She held the creature by the tail. Then the creature leaped off and went to the closet. Claire followed behind. All of a sudden, Claire felt a strong wind blowing at her. Claire felt as if the world was turning upside-down. Slowly, she became sleepy …and then she fainted.
Claire yawned. She looked at everything around her. Then she sleepily and roughly asked, “Where am I?” A very tall woman said, “Welcome to England! I am the Snow Queen. And I know your name is Claire. Welcome to the 15th century.” Claire just gaped at the woman. How did she end up in the 15th century? Maybe the tunnel she went through was just a time traveling tunnel. And how did the Queen know her name? She sighed. Another question popped into her head. How would she ever get back home? “Maid, go get Lady Claire a wet towel,” said the Queen. “Yes, Your Majesty,” the maid answered. The Snow Queen asked her to come to the feast. Soon Claire arrived. “Ugh, I hate these balls,” murmured Claire. When Claire started eating she thought she never ate such disgusting food. All of a sudden, Claire felt a strange feeling. It was urging her to kill the queen. She grabbed a knife and started to hold it up. Just then, the Snow Queen clutched Claires’s wrist, looking fierce and flabbergasted. Then she whispered something and Claire fainted again.
Claire blinked. She looked around her. Claire didn’t seem to be in the ball anymore. She seemed to be in prison. Claire didn’t like prison. She sped up to the jail bars and started screaming, “Let me out! LET ME OUT!” Sure enough, the Snow Queen appeared. “You have failed me,” she replied. “You will stay in this prison unless you apologize,” she added. With a cackle, the Queen left.
Claire starved from morning to midnight. Whenever she heard a guard come by, she moaned for food. At midnight, she heard some noises. Step, step, step. It was as if somebody was walking in the hallway. The steps became louder. Step, step, step. A shiver ran through Claire’s back. Step, step, step. All of a sudden, a guard appeared. He had a surly look on his face. “Scared ya, didn’t I? If I did, then I’ll give a pat on my back.” The guard replied. He grinned and gave a pat on his back. “Anyway,” he went on, “The Queen wants you. Says she is going to take your beauty away. Though I don’t think you have much beauty.” Claire blushed. “I’m not going to that troublemaker,” answered Claire. The guard asked her why Clair didn’t like the queen. Then he told Claire the story of the Queen.
“Well, if you want to take away the Queen’s powers, then you need powers yourself,” explained the guard…
The story ends here…the scribe of the story was interrupted by the Snow Queen and never heard from again.

The End
By Anna M. 5th Grade Winner
Goodbye, Honey!
Later, Mom!
My mom and dad just left to go to one of my school’s Tricky Trays. I’m finally home alone all by myself. I am so ecstatic. “I wonder what to do?” I asked myself. I couldn’t go outside and practice soccer because it was pouring rain and I couldn’t practice my guitar because it was getting fixed at the shop. What to do? What to do?
I just decided to watch T.V. My favorite show ever was on called Halloween Wars. It is the best show ever! A moment later all the lights went out in the house. Since they went out, I took a nap. After about what seemed an hour, I woke up and went to check if the power was back on, but it wasn’t.
Five minutes later I heard a noise coming out of my room. While walking up the stairs, I slipped and fell on a sticky substance. I got up and it smelled like jello but it was blood. As fast as my ponytail could whip, I was in my room. There lying on my bed was a China doll with big blue eyes, an apron and her hair in braids. Then, I noticed something I never noticed before. That doll used to be in my great-grandmother’s room who had died seven years ago. The doll had a knife behind her back. She said, “I’m coming for you!”
A moment later I heard a scream but the scream was not from me……………AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Grave Number 13, By Alyssa M. – 4th Grade Winner

Grave Number 13
By Alyssa M. – 4th Grade Winner
One spooky Halloween night, two best friends, Tanya and Maureen, went out to go trick-or-treating. But they’re not going with parents, they’re going by themselves.
“I don’t think that’s a very good idea Tanya” Maureen said, strapping on the leather belt that went with her ninja costume. “We should at least go with our parents. I mean, we’re only 11.” “Don’t be silly, I promised my mom we’d only go in the neighborhood.” Said Tanya, adding on the glittery leg warmers that added detail to her 80’s Girl costume. Maureen sighed, “Okay.”She said. And they went.
After their buckets were filled with treats, Maureen wanted to eat candy and try on the skin lotion someone gave them instead of candy. But Tanya didn’t. “Woa, look at that house!” Tanya screamed. She pointed to a dark graveyard that had a black gate leading inside it. “Tanya, that is NOT a house.  That’s a graveyard.” Maureen said. Tanya looked at the graveyard. She slowly opened the gate, and pulled Maureen in. Before they knew it, they were in the cemetery.
The night fell still. The only thing shining was the moon. The girls looked around, standing on a little hill. Then they found a sign: DO NOT TOUCH GRAVE NUMBER 13. BEWARE. Tanya looked puzzled but Maureen shivered. Maureen looked down. There it was: Grave #13 DR. E.L. DOOM. And they looked around, standing on it.
All of a sudden, smoke started shooting up from the ground. A man with white pale skin and a black lab coat hopped out of the grave, and in a deep scary voice said, “Please obey the signs. But now it’s too late!!” So he started to chase after them. They pushed and shoved and tried to open the gate. But it wouldn’t budge. They were about to give up, but then, they found a little black hut on a dark spooky hill. Tanya pulled Maureen into the hut. Down, down, down they went. Before they knew it, they were outside Maureen’s house.
So their adventure was over, and now they’re safe and sound.
The End

The Girl and the Attic Ghost, By Bailey W. – 3rd Grade Winner

The Girl and the Attic Ghost
By Bailey W. – 3rd Grade Winner
One day a girl named Emilley was sitting in her bedroom and her annoying sister came in to say, “We are going on vacation!” Emilley got right up to gather her things. Her parents said, “Emilley come on.” Her parents thought she got in the car so Emilley’s family left. Emilley said, “mom I’m ready”. She took her stuff down stairs and went outside to get in the car, but she got outside and no one was there. She said, “nooooo they left me.” She went inside and unpacked all of her stuff. She sat to think about what to do. She thought of it. She wanted to go in the attic so badly. Her mom always said no when she asked but now she was able by herself. So she did.
When she got in the attic she saw Halloween decorations. So she thought why not use them. Emilley picked up a fake ghost. It said, “boo!” She screamed, “aaaaah”. The ghost said, “I won’t hurt you. I’m nice.” Emilley said, “Ok I believe you. So they played and played and played.
Emilley’s family noticed that they left her home. Finally they came home. When they walked in Emilley ran to her parents. She told her family about the friendly ghost but, they did not believe her. She tried to show them but the ghost never came back again. Not even to say hi. Emilley thought it was real, but now she wasn’t so sure.
The End

Halloween Story Contest: 3rd-5th Grade

Frankenstorm Sandy arrived to NJ. The winds howled for hours over the rooftops of Fairfield. Power went down, the trees flew in the air like birds, but that didn’t stop the wonderfully bright children of Fairfield from entering a Halloween story writing contest for the Fairfield Library. Forty-four children  from grades 3rd-5th entered the contest, can you believe it? The stories were impressive. Our town has some seriously talented writers! The spooky stories entered for the contest ranged from gory to romantically strange (Dracula’s Marriage).
Here are our winners, one per grade and only one runner up. For the sake of keeping the stories authentic they will be typed as they were written. Happy Halloween!