Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday at the Library!

The weather is a wintry slush: rain and snow. The turkey has been divided with leftovers very properly frozen. Red and green twinkle on the doors of homes, sparkle in the malls and promise lots of cheer.

I, the Fairfield Library love to give cheer. No, really love to give cheer, that is what Free Public Libraries are all about! For example: Libraries love lending books for free (Any kind of book! If I don't have it you can request it!), the library has quiet nooks to read, even hot coffee and chocolate at the Fairfield Library.

This Library is one happy giver of books to patrons and more, much more. As a Library, my community is my patron, inspiration and friend. I love to host community initiatives and let me tell you of one that just tickles me today: Giving Tuesday. Have you heard of it? Well, let me tell you it is great! Black Friday is all about getting the best parking spot in front of the stores to load up on goodies, Cyber Monday is all about who can click the fastest to snag an online deal. But, Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to help others.

 Here are five ways you can give today at the Library, pick your favorite and go for it:

1. Donate children's books in new condition to the library. We will take care of packaging them for school libraries affected by Hurricane Sandy and public libraries that were damaged.

2. Donate your time! Stop by the library to see how you can help us as a volunteer for upcoming events.

3. Toys for Tots: the Marine Corps might look tough but they are sure softies when it comes to kids and Christmas. Stop by the Library with a new unwrapped toy for a boy or girl and drop it off in our Toys for Tots box. The Marines will come by to pick them up on December 10th and will distribute the toys to local families in need.

4. Give a monetary donation. We have finished 99% of our renovation but need funds to finish the project at it's best. Good lighting for reading, patio furniture and magazine racks all come at a pretty hefty price!

5. Donate any of the following that the library needs: New laptop to use for our projector so we can show movies and have presentations, new computers for the children's library (I like this one that promotes early literacy), a computer that is specifically for Senior's (Click to see this one that we need).

The options for giving are endless; if there is something you would like to donate, just call and ask if we could use it. Our number is (973) 227-3575 or send us an email at ffpl@ffpl.org.

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