Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grave Number 13, By Alyssa M. – 4th Grade Winner

Grave Number 13
By Alyssa M. – 4th Grade Winner
One spooky Halloween night, two best friends, Tanya and Maureen, went out to go trick-or-treating. But they’re not going with parents, they’re going by themselves.
“I don’t think that’s a very good idea Tanya” Maureen said, strapping on the leather belt that went with her ninja costume. “We should at least go with our parents. I mean, we’re only 11.” “Don’t be silly, I promised my mom we’d only go in the neighborhood.” Said Tanya, adding on the glittery leg warmers that added detail to her 80’s Girl costume. Maureen sighed, “Okay.”She said. And they went.
After their buckets were filled with treats, Maureen wanted to eat candy and try on the skin lotion someone gave them instead of candy. But Tanya didn’t. “Woa, look at that house!” Tanya screamed. She pointed to a dark graveyard that had a black gate leading inside it. “Tanya, that is NOT a house.  That’s a graveyard.” Maureen said. Tanya looked at the graveyard. She slowly opened the gate, and pulled Maureen in. Before they knew it, they were in the cemetery.
The night fell still. The only thing shining was the moon. The girls looked around, standing on a little hill. Then they found a sign: DO NOT TOUCH GRAVE NUMBER 13. BEWARE. Tanya looked puzzled but Maureen shivered. Maureen looked down. There it was: Grave #13 DR. E.L. DOOM. And they looked around, standing on it.
All of a sudden, smoke started shooting up from the ground. A man with white pale skin and a black lab coat hopped out of the grave, and in a deep scary voice said, “Please obey the signs. But now it’s too late!!” So he started to chase after them. They pushed and shoved and tried to open the gate. But it wouldn’t budge. They were about to give up, but then, they found a little black hut on a dark spooky hill. Tanya pulled Maureen into the hut. Down, down, down they went. Before they knew it, they were outside Maureen’s house.
So their adventure was over, and now they’re safe and sound.
The End

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