Thursday, November 1, 2012

By Anna M. 5th Grade Winner
Goodbye, Honey!
Later, Mom!
My mom and dad just left to go to one of my school’s Tricky Trays. I’m finally home alone all by myself. I am so ecstatic. “I wonder what to do?” I asked myself. I couldn’t go outside and practice soccer because it was pouring rain and I couldn’t practice my guitar because it was getting fixed at the shop. What to do? What to do?
I just decided to watch T.V. My favorite show ever was on called Halloween Wars. It is the best show ever! A moment later all the lights went out in the house. Since they went out, I took a nap. After about what seemed an hour, I woke up and went to check if the power was back on, but it wasn’t.
Five minutes later I heard a noise coming out of my room. While walking up the stairs, I slipped and fell on a sticky substance. I got up and it smelled like jello but it was blood. As fast as my ponytail could whip, I was in my room. There lying on my bed was a China doll with big blue eyes, an apron and her hair in braids. Then, I noticed something I never noticed before. That doll used to be in my great-grandmother’s room who had died seven years ago. The doll had a knife behind her back. She said, “I’m coming for you!”
A moment later I heard a scream but the scream was not from me……………AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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