Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Girl and the Attic Ghost, By Bailey W. – 3rd Grade Winner

The Girl and the Attic Ghost
By Bailey W. – 3rd Grade Winner
One day a girl named Emilley was sitting in her bedroom and her annoying sister came in to say, “We are going on vacation!” Emilley got right up to gather her things. Her parents said, “Emilley come on.” Her parents thought she got in the car so Emilley’s family left. Emilley said, “mom I’m ready”. She took her stuff down stairs and went outside to get in the car, but she got outside and no one was there. She said, “nooooo they left me.” She went inside and unpacked all of her stuff. She sat to think about what to do. She thought of it. She wanted to go in the attic so badly. Her mom always said no when she asked but now she was able by herself. So she did.
When she got in the attic she saw Halloween decorations. So she thought why not use them. Emilley picked up a fake ghost. It said, “boo!” She screamed, “aaaaah”. The ghost said, “I won’t hurt you. I’m nice.” Emilley said, “Ok I believe you. So they played and played and played.
Emilley’s family noticed that they left her home. Finally they came home. When they walked in Emilley ran to her parents. She told her family about the friendly ghost but, they did not believe her. She tried to show them but the ghost never came back again. Not even to say hi. Emilley thought it was real, but now she wasn’t so sure.
The End

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