Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zero to Hero, By Julia Z. 4th grade – Runner Up Winner

Zero to Hero
By Julia Z. 4th grade – Runner Up Winner
Once upon a time, there lived a king. His wife died and he married a new queen. Her hair was black as a raven, and the king called her the Raven Queen. But she preferred to the Snow Queen. Little did the king know that the new queen was full of evil powers. Years passed, and the king passed away of old age. The Snow Queen made the kingdom turn black and full of sadness. Not a single blossom bloomed. The Snow Queen did not know that soon a mean girl from the 20th century would come and save the kingdom.
Whoosh! Claire hurried to brush her teeth and went to her closet to wear her Halloween costume, a giant, hoopskirt lined with golden diamonds. Just as Claire was about to leave, she saw avery peculiar creature standing at the doorway. “Who are you?” she asked quite roughly. The creature did not answer. Instead, it leaped onto Claire’s valuable hoopskirt. “Arrrgh!” she screamed. She held the creature by the tail. Then the creature leaped off and went to the closet. Claire followed behind. All of a sudden, Claire felt a strong wind blowing at her. Claire felt as if the world was turning upside-down. Slowly, she became sleepy …and then she fainted.
Claire yawned. She looked at everything around her. Then she sleepily and roughly asked, “Where am I?” A very tall woman said, “Welcome to England! I am the Snow Queen. And I know your name is Claire. Welcome to the 15th century.” Claire just gaped at the woman. How did she end up in the 15th century? Maybe the tunnel she went through was just a time traveling tunnel. And how did the Queen know her name? She sighed. Another question popped into her head. How would she ever get back home? “Maid, go get Lady Claire a wet towel,” said the Queen. “Yes, Your Majesty,” the maid answered. The Snow Queen asked her to come to the feast. Soon Claire arrived. “Ugh, I hate these balls,” murmured Claire. When Claire started eating she thought she never ate such disgusting food. All of a sudden, Claire felt a strange feeling. It was urging her to kill the queen. She grabbed a knife and started to hold it up. Just then, the Snow Queen clutched Claires’s wrist, looking fierce and flabbergasted. Then she whispered something and Claire fainted again.
Claire blinked. She looked around her. Claire didn’t seem to be in the ball anymore. She seemed to be in prison. Claire didn’t like prison. She sped up to the jail bars and started screaming, “Let me out! LET ME OUT!” Sure enough, the Snow Queen appeared. “You have failed me,” she replied. “You will stay in this prison unless you apologize,” she added. With a cackle, the Queen left.
Claire starved from morning to midnight. Whenever she heard a guard come by, she moaned for food. At midnight, she heard some noises. Step, step, step. It was as if somebody was walking in the hallway. The steps became louder. Step, step, step. A shiver ran through Claire’s back. Step, step, step. All of a sudden, a guard appeared. He had a surly look on his face. “Scared ya, didn’t I? If I did, then I’ll give a pat on my back.” The guard replied. He grinned and gave a pat on his back. “Anyway,” he went on, “The Queen wants you. Says she is going to take your beauty away. Though I don’t think you have much beauty.” Claire blushed. “I’m not going to that troublemaker,” answered Claire. The guard asked her why Clair didn’t like the queen. Then he told Claire the story of the Queen.
“Well, if you want to take away the Queen’s powers, then you need powers yourself,” explained the guard…
The story ends here…the scribe of the story was interrupted by the Snow Queen and never heard from again.

The End

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