Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Firefighter Storytime

Last Thursday our red jolly Santa hanging out in the Children's Library had some red competition waiting for him.

We are on fire for Fire Safety Storytime!

The bright red firetruck of Fairfield rolled up in the parking lot.

The Fire Chief, a jolly man himself, and a real fireman hopped out of the truck. They unloaded a pair of axes, helmets, smoke masks and made their way into the library.

Now that is a heavy workload!

The librarians cringed looking at the axes resting against the Picture Books in the Children's Library: firefighters work gear is certainly more intimidating than that of librarians!

At 10:30 sharp the little ones of Fairfield came in wide eyed and curious to meet real firemen and hear stories about fire safety.

Bunny the Reader loves Firefighter stories.
 The children sat very quietly like good boys and girls and listened to the librarian read them stories.

They love storytime!

Then, our good fireman got to talk to the kiddies on how to be safe around fires.

His air tank helps him breathe in rooms filled with toxic smoke.
The lessons they learned were these (take notes for your home):

1. Have a working smoke detector in the house
2. Do not play with lighters or matches
3. Do not go back in a burning house to save anyone (even your dog)
4. Firemen in uniform are not monsters, they are nice guys that save people from fires
Pop quiz: Is he a monster? True or False? False! Good job!

The last point was well received by the boys, they got it that the fireman was a nice guy who got to wear a really cool mask. Some of the little girls though instantly decided that Mr. Fireman wearing his gas mask was a monster and quickly burst into frightened sobs.

After the sobs were soothed away by the mothers in the group, the children were able to go into the parking lot and see the firetruck where Mr. Fire Chief showed off his awesome truck with all of its very neat compartments.

Many thanks to the Firemen of Fairfield for keeping our town safe and teaching our little Fairfielders firesafety.

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