Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Elf on our Shelf

This morning, the librarians walked in not knowing that Santa was told they had been bad. One librarian had eaten all the cookies she was taking home for her family, the other had been snippy (Santa doesn't like snippy librarians) and the last librarian had bought too many high fashion glasses...but who told on them?

This Guy

Meet Elf. He lives on the shelves of the library.

Elf loves books!

He was sent by Santa to patrol all the good boys and girls.

Elf moves from shelf to shelf.

Sometimes Elf stops for tea in the Children's dollhouse. He feels like a giant there!

On sunny days he tans under the UV lights in the Children's Library.

Getting a tan

Elf watches all day to see what the librarians and patrons do. At night he skips over the stars to the North Pole and lets Santa know how Fairfielders are doing. So be good, you never know if Elf is watching you!


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