Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Groundhog Day Party!

Our Mad Hatter's Tea Party is quickly approaching and we're so excited about it that we're already planning our next library fete! 

What better way to celebrate Lewis Carroll's birthday than by piling into the library for a screening of Alice in Wonderland? Stop by the library this Saturday at 1:00 for a craft, a movie, and some snacks!
Photo via Flickr user FelineNoir
If that doesn't sound like your cuppa tea (ha!), we're planning a Groundhog Day bash! Come join us on Saturday, February 2 (that's Groundhog Day, for those of you in the know) for the hoopla! We'll be meeting up at 11:00-11:30 for a groundhog themed storytime and craft. These activities would be most enjoyed by children aged 4+, but younger (well-behaved) siblings are welcome. It doesn't end with a storytime, though, there's still plenty of fun to be had at a short scavenger hunt starting at 11:30.

So that's why! Photo via Flickr user EddieS
Adults won't be left out, anyone that is able to watch a PG movie is invited to join us for a screening of Groundhog Day (a personal favorite of Miss Lauren's!) at 1:00.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Look Back at Storytimes

We've had so many wonderful storytimes lately that I just have to share! In December we hosted storytimes about trains, balloons, and snowy winter days! We met a ballerina and a pianist.

 January saw the return of Mr. Joey and his magical keyboard. He helped us make kazoos and we even got to play along with him, it was the most fun I've ever had dancing the hokey pokey! We also had a storytime devoted entirely to Miss Lauren's favorite stories where we made Pigeon finger puppets.

Last week we chased away a big green monster, met Leonardo, and created our very own shape monsters!

It's been a blast! I hope you have as much fun looking at the crafts as we did making them!
Our younger patrons--those loveable tots with hands that are just a bit too small for crafting--have no reason to worry, there's a storytime especially for them! We meet (mostly) every Tuesday morning at 10:30. We sing and dance and wiggle and giggle, and after the stories are through there's still ample play time. The library is a great space for children to get to know one another!

Thumbthing for Toddlers

Entertaining toddlers can be difficult, but no need to fret: come on down to the library and we'll lend you a hand! Join Miss Lauren for some Ed Emberly inspired thumb art tomorrow at 4:30. 

Have older children? Not a problem, we will be having Crafty Kids on Thursday the 31st. All elementary school aged children are invited to make a penguin craft. Registration is required and space is limited, so register today! 

And don't forget, there is always a craft at our weekly Pre-K storytime! The next storytime will be held Monday the 28th at 10:30 am. Come read stories about space and make a rocket craft with Miss Lauren!

Writing Contest for Adults!

Are you over the age of 18? Yes? Great! Well, let me tell you, the Fairfield Library is having a short story writing competition for all adults in celebration of the birthday of Wilhelm Grimm. Mr. Grimm is one of the two Grimm Brothers famously known for writing fairy tales.  Some of their fairy tales are:

That is not a flag, it's Rapunzel's hair!

Snow White
Who can resist the heart warming illustrations of Disney's Snow White? 

Hansel and Gretel
Did you ever read A Little Golden Book version of "Hansel and Gretel"?  We librarians still love this classic children's tale.

The rules of the writing competition are:

1. The story must take place in Fairfield, NJ.

 The historical time period, castles, talking owls and wicked step-mothers are all fair game for your story. Just make sure it takes place in Fairfield.

2. The story should be between 3-5 pages, typed in normal font (12).

3. The deadline for stories is February 18, 2013. 
Email your story to or bring it in to the library

4. You may use a pen name if your heart desires.

The top three winners will announced on February 22, 2013 as Grimm Award Recipients and be published on this lovely blog, the Fairfield Library's Facebook Page and possibly read for story time to children between the ages of 3-8 years old (depending on how scary it is).
"Once upon a time, in a magical village called Fairfield, there lived a gnome named Mike."

Creativity is highly encouraged so please feel free to use your imagination!
Is there a secret castle in Fairfield? I think there is.

Is this little magical cottage a place where Fairfield bunnies make delicious muffins?

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Resolutions, resolutions. Did you know that New Year's Resolutions began with the ancient Roman god Janus?
Meet Janus: The Roman god of beginnings.
 Yep, that god is the god of new beginnings and transitions. He is a two-faced god which means one face looks in reflection to the past and the other face looks to the future. In fact, January is named after Mr. Janus based on the Roman Calendar. The Romans, as a sign of respect for their god, would make resolutions as an offering of a new beginning for the start of each year. The Roman girls who were pining for a mate would oil the doorway of their home with wolf fat on January 1st hoping that the next man to slip through the doorway would be their future husband and believing that the wolf fat would protect them from any undesirable men.

In Fairfield, I am sure no women slaughtered a wolf to ring in the New Year but I am sure that resolutions were made. Did you make any?

As a library I did make one simple resolution: bring more people to the library. The library is truly a wonderful place for so many reasons, and I am not quite sure that everyone knows how a library can fit in their lives. There are thousands of books to read, magazines, movies, computers for work or Internet, a cafe and a patio! So, in order to help me fulfill my New Years Resolutions, I will help you fulfill yours!

Here are a few popular 2013 New Years Resolutions that I can totally support you on:

1. Get Organized:

We have books on organizing everything from your kitchen pantry to your garage. Did I say garage? Wait! There is a professional organizer coming in March to do a workshop called "Take Back Your Garage" and you are invited. Light refreshments will be served. Snacking with inspiration is always a nice thing.

2. Help Others: 

The library would love to have your help! We need volunteers to help us with library projects, we especially need teens to come give us a hand with tutoring and a Teen Advisory Board. If you know a teen that would like to volunteer, give us a call (973) 227-3575.

3. Learn Something New:

  Is there something specific you would like to learn? Fill in the blank: "I would love to learn how to____________________. Guess what? We have a book on that! Come check it out!

4. Enjoy Life More: 

A recent poll shows that adults want to enjoy life more. Well, let me inform you that we are all about enjoying life here at the library. Monthly we have events for people of all ages. In the near future we will be having book swaps (bring your books!), Celtic music in March (a harpist then a band on St. Patty's), and we will be having fun and informative workshops.

5. Loose Weight:
Veggies + Library Books = Healthier You!
Millions of Americans have vowed to loose a couple of pounds. You are not alone if you have vowed to live lighter and healthier. And guess what? Our bookshelves have you covered! We have hundreds of books on healthy living, cooking, exercise and motivating yourself to stay healthy. Please, stop by the library. In fact, come on your lunch break: eat in our cafe and peruse the books you need to stay motivated.

6. Quit ______. Is there some little habit you would like to quit?
Put the lighter down and head over to the library!
Smoking? Nail biting? Drinking? Cursing? We totally support your decision in bettering yourself. We have a great section on self-help books written by experts that will encourage you to stay strong in your decision to change in 2013. And while you tossing out one habit, enjoy picking up a new one by leafing through some enjoyable book you might not have normally picked up in the past. Interested in Hula Dancing? Chances are, we have a book on that! Train collecting? We have that too!

However you decide to change your life in 2013, we at the library are here to encourage you, support you and promise to do our best to offer a plethora of options to make 2013 a truly good year for you!