Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow and Books!

The weather channel is calling for snow and a lot of it too! Prepare the best you can so you can spend the next few days in cozy creative relaxation rather than facing a conundrum of boring long days with cabin fever.

Tonight, your library will be open till 9 PM, so stop on by after work or after dinner to pick up some goodies to get you through the snowy days. Here are five ideas of what you can check out of the library today and tomorrow:

1. A mystery novel by Agatha Christie. If you have not read any of her works, and love mysteries and British drama, this is the author for you!

2. Latest released movies! Our very savvy Tech Services Librarian keeps our movies stalked with all the latest hits. Our most recent order includes movies in Italian. Che bello!

3. The Red Book by Carl Jung. Cold snowy weather and psychoanalysis sort of go together like two peas in a pod. If you have ever wondered how to read through people, this is the right book for you!

4. Egypt, gods and pharaohs: we have some gorgeously illustrated books that just arrived. Reading about these ancient civilizations will transport your imagination to a wonderful place while the snow melts.

5. Style books: Oo la la! We have just received some of the most beautiful books on style and fashion. They range from "how-to" books to gorgeous historical books filled with decadent pictures from Dior, and one dedicated just to shoes. That book is aptly named "Cult Shoes"

And lastly, we also have a slew of children's books and movies to keep them busy and entertained as they warm up after playing in the snow.

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