Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coming Soon! (Per Arrivare)

Ciao tutti! This is your library sharing a little secret. Oh, you didn't know libraries have secrets? Well, we do. Libraries have all sorts of secrets from hidden rooms that stored historically important documents to libraries that have shelves and shelves of rare books.

Your Fairfield Library has a secret or two of its own. Today, I will share one and encourage you to try not to keep it. whispering We are launching our collection of books in Italian.

Books in Italian for Adults and Children
 What?! Yes sir, we certainly are! Our smart librarians pushed up the spectacles on their noses, took the train into NYC and marched to Rizzoli Bookstore (an Italian Publisher with a store in the city). There, the wooden panelled walls reached to the ceiling with books in Italian for adults and children. Ah, it was like being in Dante's Paradiso.

Your lovely librarians chose a great collection of:

Italian classics

Classic Italian literature and best sellers
Contemporary romances

Nicholas Sparks translated in Italian

Yes, Danielle Steel in Italian. Shocking, we know.
Political books

Best Italian Sellers
Italian movies
and of course, books on learning how to speak Italian each with a CD.

The books with CD's are much clearer to understand than this picture.

We are currently cataloging the books and they should be ready to go in about a week.

Cataloging in progress

Dewey Decimal Classification. TOP SECRET librarian language!
So go ahead and tell our secret, share this blog on Facebook, tweet it!

P.S. If you want to know one more secret come peek at the library's patio...it's going to be a fantastic place to read this spring and summer. Oh, and wasn't the sunshine glorious today? It was just a little peek to imagine how nice it will be to relax on our patio in a month or two. For now, buona sera!

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