Friday, March 1, 2013

Smash Bros. Tournament and the start of Turn off the TV

Yesterday was our first Super Smash Bros. tournament and we had a ton of fun! After a heated battle, a victor emerged our reigning library Smash Bros. champion.

It was an intense match!
Our Wii tournament served as a timely adieu to television because today is the start of Turn off the TV! 

Once again, children age 3-grade 6 are invited to see how long they can make it without TV. Here's the drill: mark each day you make it without watching television on the calendar (calendars were distributed at Stevenson and Churchill, and we still have plenty of extras at the library if you missed out). Bring the calendar back to Miss Lauren before April 5. Everyone that participates wins a prize, even if they only make it one day without vegging out in front of the television (and I know the children of Fairfield can do so much better than that). The longer you go without television, the bigger the prizes get. Once you return the calendar, you are automatically registered for our ginormous, amazingly fun Turn off the TV wrap-party where prizes will be awarded. 

Here's the best part: thanks to America's Best Limo, five lucky students will win a ride to school in a limousine! 

Here's the catch: in order to win the limo ride, you have to make it the whole month without television. Everyone that makes it the month will be entered into a drawing, and five names will be picked.

I know it sounds difficult to make it an entire month without television, but the library has amped up our programming to distract you from the tedium of television-less-ness. All these events are conveniently listed on our website, blog, and calendar. Need to be more connected? Well, don't forget to check our Facebook page for up to the minute updates on FFPL happenings.

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