Friday, June 7, 2013

Fairfield's Cutest Pet Competition

Did you know that June is "Adopt a Shelter Cat" month? It certainly is! We Fairfield Librarians love animals and especially cats since they are great reading buddies. There are few luxuries in life better than reading an intriguing book on the couch next to a purring cat. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat month we are hosting a picture competition for Fairfield's most adorable, huggable, lovable pets. 

We know they are spoiled, we know they are funny, we know they make our lives happier. We want you to tell the world! Or simply, just brag about them at the Fairfield Library. 

Go through your favorite pictures of your pet(s) and bring in their best one to the library. Please bring it in a small to medium size frame. The picture of your gorgeous pet will be displayed in our gallery for all to see how cute, funny or intelligent they are. Library patrons will vote through August 1, 2013. So, the sooner you bring in your picture and the more you tell your friends = the higher your chance for your pet to win! 

Now back to the cats. 

If you do not have a cat here are five excellent reasons you should head to your local shelter and adopt one:

1. Cats are good for the heart: besides being heartwarming fur-balls, researchers at the University of Buffalo discovered that people who had recently bought a cat saw a drop in their blood pressure. Cat owners are also 40% less likely to have a heart attack. Have a heart, adopt a cat!

2. Cats keep the doctor away: Did you know that cat owners visit the doctor 12% less than non-pet owners? (Dog owners visit 8% less, so cats win this one)

3. Good for the kids:  University of Oregon studied the emotional links between preschoolers and their pets. They discovered that children with pets develop sharing and cooperation skills when they are involved in caring for a pet. 

4. Cats are well-mannered: Sorry doggy owners, but the cats win again. They are clean, do not bark loudly, do not sniff visitors, and do not need to be walked. Your cat will very rarely embarrass you in front of visitors, and if they do chances are your cat is trying to tell you something about said visitor and is most likely right.

5. They get better with age: scampering little kittens turn to curious friendly cats. They mature into serious sometimes curious talking cats in older age. A life-long cat turns into a sweet friend, great travel buddy, and live-in comedian. 

To find a shelter close to you visit:

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