Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Day Checklist

Grilled cheese, cubed cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, cheese with fruit, cheese with honey. Oh all the different ways and types of cheese to eat on a rainy  monsoony day! Days like this inspire librarians to go dashing to Calandra's for some freshly baked bread then skip over dancing puddles to Affinage for some of their amazing European cheese then find a quiet spot to eat that bread with cheese while reading a book, or nook, of course. 

Here are five staple items to check out on a torrentially rainy day like today. We have everything at the library, except for the tortilla chips. Those belong to Bunny the Reader and he doesn't share. But we highly recommend purchasing tortilla chips as they go hand-in-hand with rainy day movies. Otherwise please come by and check out your favorites:

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