Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You, Fairfield

Dear Fairfield,

July 28, 2012 (last year) was a crazy day. Eighty thousand books, yes 80,000 and change, lined the sidewalk leading to Fairfield Library. Librarians were in sweatpants ready to shelve a marathon of books, bookshelves were empty but dying to be filled. Book by book, shelf by shelf they were filled and we didn't quit till the last book was perfectly on the shelf. Standing back, exhausted, we looked at each other and there was a sparkle in everyone's eye even though we were as beat as Oscar de la Hoya after fighting 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. In literary terms we were as puckered out as Peter Rabbit after escaping Mr. McGregor,  as tired as Anne Shirley after taking care of Mrs. Hammond's three sets of twins, as sore as Jean Passepartout after carrying the luggage of Phileas Fogg around the world for 80 days. We were done but we sparkled and were happy; actually we were thrilled to imagine the people that would use our newly renovated amazing little neighborhood library.

Last Thursday, June 20th, we saw part of that dream unfold. We hosted our Summer Reading Kickoff Party and had about ninety people attend. Twelve kids got library cards and we were delighted. Summer Reading for Kids inspired current librarians as little girls to one day be a librarian. The director loved her Children's Librarian in Olympia, Washington. The Children's Librarian there had the coolest dangling handmade earrings, knew all of the characters in the Wizard of Oz books like personal friends and made that little girl want to grow up one day and be surrounded by the Wizard of Oz books. Mission accomplished. We hope to inspire each patron to find what they love, what they are great at and read about it to reinforce their passions!

Since we reopened our library's doors we have tripled the amount of people coming to library events! More kids are reading, more adults are checking out books at that makes us feel that we are doing something great for this community! Reading is not only recreational and educational but also has great long-term health benefits. Our hearts leap when we have a new patron come for the first time. This library is amazing from hosting events for babies, teens and adults to providing every type of informational resource you need for free. If you can't find it on Google, come to the library and we will find it. This library is yours. We love our patrons. We love seeing the smiles they have when they tell us of an amazing book they just read and absolutely love signing new patrons up for library cards. (Side note: Check out the Orphan Train it is a phenomenal book and the author is coming for a book-signing soon).

So, thank you Fairfield! Thank you for supporting your library and re-opening our doors with a slam and rushing in. We plan to keep going, growing our programs and getting new patrons. Stop by when you get a chance, we would love to see you.


Your Library

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