Thursday, August 1, 2013

1st Place Winner! I Love LUCY!

Meet Lucy, the winner of Fairfield’s Cutest Pet Contest.

 Lucy sure is adorable, sweet and spunky. 

She loves to play with her family, narrowly escaped danger during Hurricane Irene and even has a love interest! Her sweet nature and puppy dog eyes won her dozens of votes at the library. We sat down with the lovely Lucy, the cutest pet winner,  for an interview to talk about herself and how she got where she is today.

Fairfield Interview- “Hi Miss Lucy, congratulations on winning the Cutest Pet Contest and thank you for joining me in this interview today.”
Lucy-“Thank you so much, I am really honored to be here and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a bit about myself.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“You’re very welcome, and we as well are honored to hear, so let’s start off with asking how it feels to be the lucky winner of the contest?”
Lucy-“Wow, It feels great to be the winner.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“Many people are interested in hearing what some of your favorite hobbies are?”
Lucy-“Some of the things I like doing are laying on the couch, hanging with Dani, my friend, and napping, lots and lots of napping(laughs).”

Fairfield Interviewer-“(Laughs) that’s great, and what is your favorite toy to play with?”
Lucy-“I like playing with my stuffed sheets.”

Fairfield Interviewer- “If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and why?”
Lucy-“I would love to meet the “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” cast because they have great bling and cloths.”

Fairfield Interviewer -“If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring?”
Lucy-“I would have to bring are a bodacious bow, treats and a dress.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“If you could be any other animal what would it be?”
Lucy- “Although I love being a dog, I would have to go with a manatee because they are very laid back.”

Fairfield Interviewer- “What was the longest time you went without a bath.”
Lucy- “(Chuckles) this is embarrassing but the longest time without, had been two weeks.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“(Laughs) wow that’s amazing and many people are curious to hear if you have any love interests blossoming at the moment.”
Lucy-“I do have one, this handsome black lab; I just met at the groomers by my house, he’s very sweet.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“ Oooo sounds like a keeper .Hope all goes well.
Lucy-“(laughs) me too.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“What do you love about being a dog?”
Lucy-“I love how people can’t resist me.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“(Laugh) and that is why you are our winner, what has been the best day of your life?”
Lucy-“The day I met my new family the Williams. Very loving and caring people and I don’t know what I do without them.”

Fairfield Interviewer- “Aww that’s sweet to hear that you have such a great family and are close with them.”
Lucy-“Yes, I’m a very lucky dog.”

Fairfield Interviewer- “What was the worse day of your life?”
Lucy-“I would have to say when I was being rescued by a boat in hurricane Irene, one of the scariest days of my life.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“Wow, yes that must have been a very scary day indeed. What type of personality do you say you hold?”
Lucy-“I’d say I’m the type to be friendly and loving with anyone.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“What is your favorite book to read right now?”
Lucy-“My all-time favorite book to read would be “Frog and Toad Together” by Arnold Lobel.

Fairfield Interviewer- “What encouraged you to enter the ‘Cutest Pet Contest?’ ”
Lucy-“What encouraged me to enter was how everyone tells me I’m so cute and that’s what ultimately influenced me to give it a try.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“What three beauty tips should all pets know?”
Lucy-“To always wear the best accessories, be perfectly groomed and use conditioner, that is a must need for sure.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“For the future competitors of the contest, what would you say to them in what it takes to become the cutest pet?”
Lucy-“I’d say the main things you need is personality and good looks.”

Fairfield Interviewer-“ That’s great helpful advice and  that is all the questions we have for today, thank you so much for joining us Miss Lucy and letting us get to know you better. It was a pleasure.

Lucy-“Oh it was my pleasure, thank you again for the opportunity, I really enjoyed this.  

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