Friday, August 23, 2013

Computer Classes for Seniors

The Fairfield Library has been teaching basic internet classes for seniors. The turnout has been great and our students are ready for more classes! So, we are now expanding topics of interest. Please take a look at the calendar and call soon to make a reservation since class size is limited. 

· September 4th: “How the Internet Works”
Are you the curious type? Come learn the basics about how information travels across the Internet to your computer, and explore basic browser functions. For beginning computer users with basic mouse and keyboard skills.

· September 27th: “Connect with Skype”
Skype allows users to communicate by computer using a microphone and webcam. Calls to other users of Skype are free. This class will help participants get comfortable with downloading, installing and running Skype. This will  require people to have an email or feel comfortable with creating accounts.  

· October 25th: “Internet Searching”
The Internet can be overwhelming – too much information! Come to this class and learn how to find the information you are looking for, evaluate websites, and bookmark them for future use. For beginning computer  users with basic mouse and keyboard skills, and with basic understanding of Internet browsers.

· November 8th: “Connect with Skype”
If you couldn't make it to our class in September, come to this one! Or simply come to refresh your memory and practice!

· December 13th: “Computers for Beginners”
Get to know computers. Don’t be afraid! Learn to use a computer, including the mouse and keyboard. No experience needed!

Registration requested. Call to register at: (973) 227-3575

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