Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Pets of Fairfield

This blog is dedicated to Diamond, the 2nd place winner for the Cutest Pet of Fairfield Competition and the only cat that won. 

Sweet fluffy purring Diamond got very sick a few weeks ago. Last week she passed away. Her purrs, her cuddles and her company will be greatly missed by her family.

Fairfield will remember Diamond as the cutest cat of Fairfield.

This last month the Fairfield Library hosted a gallery and competition called, Fairfield’s Cutest Pet.
Et voilà!

 Every submission was heartwarming and adorable. You could see the love radiating from the eyes of each pooch as he “smiled” for the photographer. So many people that never came to the library before came just to see the pet pictures and left with a library card and books in tow. We like to think that they are going to enjoy a good read with their pets at home.

Pets, they are the little unsung heroes of our home.

 They are practical and wonderful friends. Cats get rid of rodents and are the vigilant watchcats of the neighborhood. 
"Nothing escapes me."

Pets cuddle, they usually don’t answer back, they listen when the kids don’t. 

And what is better than coming home after a bad day at work and seeing a dog happy beyond belief to see you? 

That thumping tail means, “You’re the best” and the truth is that your dog really means it with every ounce of his limbs. He isn't just saying it on your birthday, he is saying it every single day.

"My little heart belongs to you. I can show you where my treats are so I can get a snack. Heck, I can show you where your treats are too and I won't tell a soul if you eat all of the ice-cream."

 They are our best friends watching without judgment when we secretly pig out in the kitchen after dinner, they know when we are sick, and offer a paw when we feel down.
"It's going to be ok. You have ME!"

 And thank goodness they can’t talk and tell of the secrets they have overheard while purring under your chair! 
"I got every last  juicy detail."

Sure, keeping them clean and vaccinated takes some effort (and money) but it is little in return for the relaxation and genuine friendship they offer.

The greatest news is this: if you don’t have a pet, you should totally get one! Click here to check out an animal shelter near you. There are so many sweet little pups and cats that would love nothing more than to be your best friend, tell you “You’re seriously awesome!” everyday and give you some of the nicest hugs in the world.

Fairfield, thanks for sharing your pets pictures with the library and with the town. The Pet Gallery has been the highlight for patrons coming in and we can’t wait to do this again next year!

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