Friday, September 27, 2013

Haunted Reading

Halloween is on the horizon and we are eagerly reading spooky books the kind that give you chills and make you jumpy. There are a slew of great mystery, horror and detective novels. However one author stands cheerfully above the rest, calmly drinking her Earl Grey tea and looking as harmless as Mary Poppins. That writer would be the "Queen of Crime" Agatha Christie, the British born best seller of mystery novels.
"Oh dear, this is starting to look like a library."

Mrs. Christie is not only a well known writer but the most read author according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Agatha's stories have a wonderful charm while simultaneously creating a complex labyrinth from her plots. One minute she has you guessing who the killer is, then the next minute that supposed killer is really just a harmless deaf gardener of the little church on a hill. She will keep you guessing throughout the entire novel while doling out clues one piece at a time. As author Amor Towels wrote in Rules of Civility, "I read a lot of Agatha Christies that fall of 1938. Her books are tremendously satisfying. In her universe everyone eventually gets what they deserve. With every character, every room, every murder weapon feeling at once newly crafted and familiar as rote, Mrs. Christie doles out her little surprises at the carefully calibrated pace of a nanny dispensing sweets to the children in her care."

Be sure to pick up one of her books. One favorite, not to be missed, is "By the Pricking of My Thumbs" which follows a husband and wife detective couple as they unravel the mystery of diamonds, children in chimneys and discovering secrets in graves... you can put that book on hold by clicking here.

Other Agatha Christie novels can be found by clicking here on our catalog. Any of these can be placed on hold and then be picked up at the Fairfield Public Library. Happy haunted reading!

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