Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Teen Read Week, Seek the Unknown at Your Library

Teen Read Week begins October 13th but we will kick off October 12th. The the librarians at the Fairfield Library are tickled with the events we have in line for you! You may ask yourself, "What is teen read week for? Teens already know how to read..." Yes they do but we make it more fun! The purpose is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. The theme for this year is Seek the Unknown @ Your Library, which encourages teens to explore and learn about the unknown through mystery, adventure, sci-fi and fantasy books.

We love the unknown, mysteries and of course adventure so came up with these fun events to challenge yourself to win some prizes at the library.

1. Goody bag raffle. This is the easiest to enter. Barnes and Noble supplied us with an awesome tote to commemorate the Hobbit. It is stuffed with goodies like a gift card, mug, candy, a best selling book and more! We won't tell you everything it has because it would ruin the suspense. The winner will be notified October 19th. 
Rules for the raffle:
 1. You must be a teen from Fairfield (grades 6-12)
 2. Enter the raffle with your library card number
3. Tell us what type of program would love to have at the library.
4. Cross your fingers and hope to win! 
"I'm full of free goodies."

2. Blind Date with a book (and one golden ticket). We have the Teens' Top Twenty books of the year that have been voted in by teens like you. A golden ticket came into the library and decided to have a nap in one of them. We wrapped all of the books and they can be checked out. You will love them. The winner of the book with the golden ticket will win some awesome prizes.

3. Scavenger Hunt at the Library:  Come to the library and pick up a scavenger hunt worksheet at the circulation desk. Participants are free to hunt the library for answers to a set of questions and clues. One lucky person will win a gift card found in one of the clues. Everyone who participates in the hunt will receive a prize.    

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