Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Reading

The new year started with such cold force demanding that we stay inside nice and toasty. Really, there is no better company on a cold day than a good book and a cat. But if you can't stand cats, or are allergic to them it is ok. Staying indoors with a book is really the answer for these terribly chilly days.

We want you to read to your hearts content this year and particularly this winter. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Let US pick the books for your! That's right, go online here to look for the books you want, have your library card and pin ready and place them all on hold. The books will be handled by the librarians and you will receive and email when they are bundled and ready for you. Just stop by the library, dash in, pick your books up at the front desk, dash out. That easy!

2. What, we don't have your book?! Sometimes the librarian ordering books misses ordering that one very special one that you would love to read. Not to fret, call the library and we will order it and place it on hold just for you, with your name. You will get a phone call when it comes in. Here is our number so you don't need to hunt for it (973) 227-3575.

3. Warm cozy quiet spot...we all need them and love them. The library has plenty of quiet spots for you to relax in: come study, do your finances, read a book on the Bahamas, cuddle with a book on the galaxies, escape your office for lunch time, you name it. We are a quiet peaceful little place and will love to have you stop by. We also serve coffee, so we are nearly perfect.

4. Check out other relaxing material. We have over 6,000 DVDs, music, and hundreds of magazines. Don't pay for them! Check them out, read then re-read if you like and return them when you are all done.

5. Stay culturally entertained. Keep your mind healthy and happy with the array of FREE programs we have going on from Italian classes for all ages to very nice concerts. Check our family friendly programs out here.

6. Oh one last thing, we also have FREE museum passes. If the weather is nice and you want to do something fun and free come by and you can check out one of our passes!