Monday, May 12, 2014

Exclusive E-Books

How many times have you downloaded an e-book using your library card? Actually, let's start at the very beginning, as Maria Von Trapp would say, a very good place to start.

First of all, did you know that with your amazing library card you can borrow e-books for free? You absolutely can! New Jersey libraries, including beautiful Fairfield Public Library, are all a part of this great site called Digital Library NJ. There you can browse thousands of titles and check e-books out for 2 weeks with your library card. The rules for that go as follows:

1. Get a library card
2. Log on to  with you card number (if you don't have it, call us and we can get the number for you)
3. Pick up to 4 titles to check out
4. Download books

That is all very wonderful and great but what happens when there are really popular books out and you get stuck waiting in an e-book line of 50 readers? Waiting in line is the worst, especially when you are itching to get your hands on a new book.

Here comes the best part: we at the Fairfield Library, personally purchased e-books that are exclusively available to Fairfield Public Library patrons. We won't share these books with any other library. How can you get your copy of "The Fault in Our Stars" and "The Book Thief" right now? Sign on to the Digital Library NJ website as usual and look for the Advantage sign that looks like this:

And of the books with that sign are available only to Fairfield patrons. You can check out up to four books, circulation time is two weeks and is usually not renewable.

Happy reading and happy spring!