Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading Books

Get a head start on your summer reading assignment by downloading an e-book exclusively purchased for Fairfield residents. We purchased many e-books for grades 7-12 that are downloadable on various devices from your phone to your kindle and computer. If you can't make it to the bookstore or the library just download one for free with your library card by clicking here. These books will only be available to Fairfield patrons. They are listed as Advantage books and have an "A" symbol. Get your library card ready and happy summer reading!

Friday, June 20, 2014

New E-Books

What will you be reading with this summer as you sit by the beach / pool / under a shady tree / on a road trip?

Will it be with an actual library book?

That would be nice! It would also be nice to read from your phone or tablet or other techy device and enjoy a free e-book.

We librarians like to think that Fairfielders are going to read in the most comfortable and fun of places. So, in order to make sure you have a great summer we have just purchases dozens of new e-books to keep you busy and entertained. There are the favorite novels (don't rush off just yet) and some great history books, memoirs and motivational books. We really hope you find a relaxing spot this summer whether it is by the pool or even if it is waiting for your flight to board.
Time to pull out the kindle!
In any case, we have you covered. And if you don't see an e-book you would love to read, shoot us an email at the library and we will order it for you, but only if you are a Fairfield, NJ resident.

Get your library card number handy and click here to start downloading free e-books.

Time to fire up the grill and happy Summer, dear Fairfield!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup Games at the Library

Some librarians love soccer! A healthy lifestyle of exercise and reading is recommended, after all. We will be hosting some viewings of the games live in our multi-purpose room on the big screen. So, soccer lovers, come to the library tomorrow to see the games.  The first game is at 12:00. We will have light refreshments (Kool Aid and Chips). Tomorrows games will be:

Thursday 19 June

Change to local time

The rest of the games we will show here will be on:

July 1st at 12 and 4 PM
and the Semi final on July 9th at 4 PM