Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School and Homework

School is starting this week and that means homework! Do you have a library card? If not come get one now. That means today while you are not sitting in a classroom. It will help you out tremendously during the school year.

Your public library is an excellent place to study, write papers and get sources for citing in projects. Most teachers request various types of reliable sources. And we hate to break it to you, but most teachers will not accept Wikipedia as an authoritative (real) source because it hasn't been professionally managed by experts. Here are a few tips to start your academic year in a way that you give yourself an advantage:

1. As soon as your have your syllabus or syllabi in hand see what major projects you have for the year. Highlight them.

2. Pick a quiet study spot for the year. This will help you focus. By the way, we have many spots at the library. Come pick one! Call it your study office!

3. Manage your projects with a calendar. Buy a calendar and write all that you have due in it at the beginning of the year. Fail to plan, and plan to fail. So let's plan out when your projects are due.  Write when to study or prepare for your projects. Example: 3 page paper on Hippos due Sept. 30.
Isn't she cute? How should we write 3 pages on her? Plan it out!

      a. Sept 6th weekend: check out books on hippos at the library
      b. Sept 13th: write first draft
      c. Sept 20th edit final draft and sources

4. Make sure you have and use your library card and library resources. We at the library can really make your academic year so much easier. We have all the books your teachers need you to cite, databases you can use as tertiary sources, and will be more than happy to help you pick topics if the choice is up to you.

Check this link out for reliable online sources at the Fairfield Library.

And come see us soon! Happy new school year and lots of good grades fairy dust sent your way! Oh, you didn't know there is a Good Grades Fairy? There is...she lives on a book shelf at the library and leaves only on nights when she knows there are big tests the next day. The Good Grades Fairy flies over Fairfield and dusts her magic dust over good students who have prepared well for their exams.
This is not any old dust. It is fairy dust!

 We are sending her over Fairfield today to dust all the children of Fairfield with a generous helping of fairy dust.

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