Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quiet Time

Life gets us harried with daily schedules, demands, noise from every angle. Some moments of quiet: no ringing phone, food to cook, clothes to clean, places to drive give us a mental break. The library is a perfect place to come get away for a few moments to get that quiet time you need for your mind. You don't have to check out a book. You are invited and welcome to simply come to the library to unwind for a few moments out of your day.

We put out a puzzle table to see if people would come unwind with that. It's been about four weeks since we put out our first puzzle. And guess what?

The one missing piece was brought back by a very cute and adorably pennant four year old. 

Yeah, it worked! As a result, we will be putting out other "quiet time" activities to give our patrons a mental spa. A chance to wind down and rest your mind from its daily rigors.

So the next time you need a break, come to the library.

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