Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thanks Fairfield Boy Scouts Troop #7!

The Fairfield Library has a charming little patio that sat frozen under the ice and snow of winter for the last six months. The little patio dreamed of spring, flowers and sunshine. Finally that warm day arrived with birds chirping a melodious tune which surely would have inspired the greatest composer to compose some famous piece. However, the patio was empty and needed a hand.
Help me!

Faifield Boy Scouts from Troop #7 chivalrously offered to give a helping hand. They came armed with rakes, spades and tons of energy and set about tidying up our little patio and making her pretty again. They spent several days pulling and yanking weeds, mulching, planting bulbs and now our patio looks as cute as a button!

 Feel free to come by and relax in this gorgeous weather with a book or magazine.

Thank you, Troop #7! 

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